Played through New Super Mario Bros. on the DS (had to send the Wii in for repairs) and took some notes.

I wasn’t planning on sharing but a few people expressed interest. These are mostly hastily scrawled, poorly spelled, shorthand. The most surprising thing I discovered during this playthrough was that every. single. level. introduced something new (an enemy type, an interactive element, a skill chain) or took safeties away (water replaced with poison bog, clouds with a bottomless pit) to raise the challenge and keep things interesting. 80 levels of novelty. I’ve been maintaining that Mimeo will be on par with a console or handheld game. Even my goal of 32 levels seems daunting held to these standards.

Page 1 (shown above)
Pages 2-3
Pages 4-5
Pages 6-7
Pages 8-9
Pages 10-11
Pages 12-13
Pages 14-15
Pages 16-17
The last page and a half of notes are just the titles of the development team and number of people in each role. Around 60 individuals. Holiday 2010 is breathing down my neck.

Posted 2 years ago